Training Camp - Box35100

Training Camp


EACH SPORT IS AN INTENSIVE, INSTRUCTIONAL program designed for the dedicated athlete who wants to greatly improve in their sport of choice. Our Center are catered to ALL LEVELS – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Our camps are made for any box/center/Team/groups and individuals that wants to master his / her sports and whants to keep their training during their holidays.



Welcome to 35100 training Camp, where you can expect to have an amazing experience! 35100 is proud to operate some of the best Teams / atheletes .  At 35100, we believe in providing the best sports camps experience, where at the end of their visit,  campers leave with baggage filled with fond memories and meaningful experiences.


Why 35100?


Coined by a camper as “the everything camp” 35100 provides its own unique teaching method OR Tools that effectively covers every aspect of the game, offers a variety of fun off-court activities, and attracts campers and coaches from all over the world. We work hard but have fun also.​ Weather you come alone or with your own team and coaches. This is the right place for you.  book you your week with us. hire our center or especific hours and keep improving your sport. 

Located in the south of Gran Canaria , open air center, and only 100 meters from the beach makes 35100 on of the best places you can train in your holidays.




"Spreading the Joy of Sports"