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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy 

Box 35100 Physique Consultant was established for one primary reason. We needed to make the best strategy for individual training. Other areas of this site portray why and how we"re unique (might we venture to state better!) and how we become more acquainted with what our customers require. The sole aim of this page is to show you why training at BPC is so extraordinary thus effective. 

Mainly, we are fixated on enhancing what we offer and with remaining at the forefront of forwarding thinking, real-world applications of all aspects of physical conditioning. We eat, sleep and breathe health and fitness. We are on call 24/7.  

We are unique because we not only talk about the discussion, we also walk the walk. Armchair specialists abound (mainly, unfortunately, in individual training), however, we are top competitors, exceedingly qualified and academic trainers and coaches. Vast numbers of us have Bachelors and Masters Degrees in sports science and attempt additional study to guarantee we"re always at the forefront. We adore what we do and are persistently learning and training ourselves. After all – ifyou can"t trainyourself, who would you be able to train?

Box 35100 Physique Consultant was set up by people who previously trained individuals for nothing in returnduring their free time because they are so passionate about enhancing the human body. The extraordinary feeling of satisfaction always over whelms our consciousness when we help someone to accomplish their objectives – regardless if they"re an elite athleteor a moderately aged housewife. We trust that anybody can positively change themselves and their bodies, and we will move heaven and earth to guarantee that each person who enters our premises leaves feeling more joyful,confident, and healthier.

We never force our particular objectives on a customer. We listen, advice and then coach in light of that particular objective.We are not rent-a-friend trainers or here to put on a circus show. We are here to get a very specific job doneThat activity is the one that you set for us – to accomplish your particular one of a kind variant of enhanced wellbeing, wellness as well as physical appearance. We don"t stand back, in fact, we stick directly into each part of your life that you are ready to open up to us. No other way is appropriate for the commitment and investment that you should be making in your health

We hope this has given you an understanding of the enthusiasm we feel for individual training. If we"ve got that across, we"ve managed to show you one of the biggest and most important traits you should be looking for in a personal trainer. If you"re still not sure about that energy, and how powerful it is, come and meet us and you"ll be left in no doubt.