Our Gym - Box35100

Our Gym


Box 35100 gym is located in the area of Playa San Agustín, (family sports club) in front of the Hospital Clínica Roca, and minutes close to your acomodation.

At 100 metres from the beach of San Augustin, one of the most peaceful areas in the South of the island. An ideal and exclusive environment to practice sports, and get fit easily accessible by road. In the area you will find public parking, shops, cafes, leisure area and all the services that a tourist area can offer.




Out Fitness center is MORE than 500 M2 diaphanous divided into several areas of training facilities.  Area of:


    • Weightlifting,
    • Strength Area,
    • Gymnastic Area, 
    • Functional fitness training,
    • Athletics,
    • Powerlifting,
    • Strongman, 
    • Cross training


All this áreas divided in a unique outdoors facility close to Holidays hotel in Gran Canaria / Maspalomas / playa del ingles.

Unique in our sector in Gran Canaria, also featuring area covered by any inclement weather. A large area in which you can train to the fullest without worrying about space.

In addition you can relax, eat and drink in our "community area" perfect place to chat with your colleagues before and after training.  



Box 35100 gym has all what uou need. We have a structure first of its kind in the Islands for practice what ever you need. 90 m2 in total with areas up to 5 metres in height. 16 multi-position mounted together with an infinity of possibilities, capable of accommodating 22 users developing the same exercise.

Exercises that can be develop:


  • Bench Press Squats
  • Pull up, Deadlift,
  • Press, Ring Dips,
  • Muscle up,
  • Gimnastic,
  • Weightlifitng,
  • Monkey bar,
  • Spartan Race


Also we have cardio machines like :

Concept2 rower

Assoult bike

Air bike


We believe that training hard under all conditions not this at odds with offer services that make more pleasant the stay in our GYM.   A spacious locker room about 90 m2 each, with daily lockers and rental and air conditioning, are one of the features that we believe must be mention.